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Do you have a closet full of clothes that you don’t wear anymore?  Or maybe you just love to shop and have a plethora of handbags or shoes.  With Style Reruns consignment, you can turn those unused items into cash.

Consignment With Style Reruns

How It Works

 At Style Reruns, we make consignment easy.  You send us your excellent-condition items, and we post them on our platform and sell them for you. 

Your items will stay on the platform for 60 days.  After the first two weeks, if they haven’t been sold, your items will be included in sale items and eligible for coupon discounts.

Once an item sells, you are paid a percentage of the final selling price up to 70%.  You can even use your earnings to shop from our store to refresh your wardrobe if you choose.

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Get Started

It’s easy to get started with consignment at Style Reruns.  

We are currently accepting women’s clothes, shoes, and accessories in excellent condition.  Fall fashionable clothes,  ankle boots, Fall accessories, and handbags are in high demand.

You can send any brand, however value brands are less likely to be approved for sale.  

We consider style, season, demand, and the most important attribute – condition.  Style Reruns takes pride in the items we sell, so we’re very selective about what we accept.

 Follow these tips for increasing the chances of your items being accepted.

  • Gather your items – You’ll have the best chances for success with popular brands that are in-season and trending.  We accept out of season items too, depending on the item and current stock.


  • Clean your items – It’s always a good idea to freshly launder your items so that there are no residual smells that might prevent your items from being rejected.


  • Review your items – Check your items to make sure they are in excellent condition.  Labels must be intact, and make sure they have no rips, tears, missing buttons or ornaments, pilling, fraying, or other signs of obvious wear.


  • Iron if necessary – You want your items to appear fresh and clean.  Fold them nicely to prevent wrinkles in transit.

Wardrobe Recycling With Purpose

When you shop at Style Reruns, you’re doing more than just updating your wardrobe.   You’re helping other women by supporting our mission and vision, so we can spread the love.

In addition, you’re reducing your carbon footprint in a major way.  Not only are you sending less waste to the landfills, that’s less manufacturing polluting our air.  

Style Reruns offers fashion that you can feel good about. 

Request a Closet Cleanout Bag by emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

All items must be in excellent condition to be considered.  Here are the quality standards we are looking for:

  • Freshly laundered and free of excessive wrinkles
  • Free of odors and stains
  • No holes, tears, pilling, fraying, shrinkage, or fading
  • Labels must be intact
  • Excellent condition, with no obvious signs of excessive wear
  • All buttons, accompanying belts, or ornaments must be present, if applicable

Currently, we accept only Women’s and Children’s items including clothing, accessories, shoes, and handbags.  

Style Reruns does not accept under garments, lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear, hats, or hair accessories.

Yes, as long as your item is in new, like new, or excellent condition, we are currently accepting all brands.  

However, we do not accept items without labels or counterfeit items.  Nor do we accept under garments, sleepwear, swimwear, hats, or hair accessories.

If any of your items do not meet Style Reruns standards for selling, you have two options.

We can return your unwanted items.  If you choose this option, there is a $10.95 fee to help cover shipping. 

Or, if you don’t want your items back, your items become the property of Style Reruns.  Depending on the items, we may donate items to local charities including domestic violence shelters or a chapter of St. Vincent De Paul, which helps low-income families

First, your items are carefully checked over to make sure they are in excellent condition. Then, if they meet our strict acceptance guidelines, our experts review several resources for pricing of same or similar items. Style Reruns also considers which items are selling well to our customers.  Then, we calculates the price we will sell your item for and it is added to our store.

You are paid a percentage of the final selling price, before taxes and shipping.  

You can expect the following payouts based on the final selling price:

  • Up to $9.99  =   5% – 10%
  • $10 – $39.99  = 15% – 30% 
  • $40 – $99.99  =  30% – 50%
  • $100 – $199.99  =  50% – 60%
  •          Over $200  =  70%

Once your item sells, you will see your payout in your wallet within 3 business days, usually sooner.

Yes!  You can either cash out the money in your wallet or use it to pay for items purchased from Style Reruns Online Thrift & Consignment.


In the off chance that your item doesn’t sell within 60 days, it is taken down from the website.  If you want your items returned to you, you must send us a request within 3 business days.  The shipping charges will be deducted from your wallet or if your balance is low, you can opt to pay for shipping with a credit or debit card.  

If you do not request your items back within 3 business days, they become the sole property of Style Reruns.

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